HD 2U 288-Fibers Cassette Patch Panel
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Knc announced to unveil MTP/MPO high -density cabling system, the connection and testing for high-density connector with ribbon cable are finished in factory, so that it can be directly plugged and played with equipments on site, and support the rapid deployment of user’s data center, this cabling system is the ideal solution under the background of growing demandsfor high-capacity cablingdata center. Feature: simple installation, fast construction, dense design, high precision, plug and play, etc.

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HD 2U 288-Fibers Cassette Patch Panel

This cabling system is modular in design, the higher density, special designed ultra-small MTP / MPO modular box which saves more space.

♦ It has larger capacity- each modular box can allocate 24pcs LC adapters and switch to MTP/MPOconnection.

♦ The capacity of 1U standard size is 120ports of LC connector, for 2U, it reaches 288ports, saves morespace for large data centers, reduces more combined cost.

♦ Using unique tool-free installation design so that patching system can be fast assembled and installedwithout any tools and complex operations.

♦ Factory pre- terminated so that there is no need to wind cable and splice fiber, it can be plugged andplayed on site, which can save labor cost.


♦ Data Center Infrastructure

♦ Ultra High Density Fiber Management

♦ Telecommunications networks and Broadband / CATV networks

♦ LAN/WAN Premises


Part Number Description
PP7001 1U 120-Fibers
PP7002 2U 288 -Fibers



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