HD 1U 144-Fibers Cassette Patch Panel
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HD Mini Cassette System
High Density (HD) MTP/MPO Mini Cassette System is driven by the concept of network space optimization, it is an MTP/MPO based system for fast deployments to meet the evolution paths of 40G and 100G fiber optic links.
High Density (HD) MTP/MPO Mini Cassette System offers simple installation, modular upgradeability, easy accessibility, and a reliable fiber management solution. 1RU and 2RU size rackmount enclosures are available and are mountable in a standard 19” telecom rack.
The 1RU size enclosure supports 12 Mini Cassette slots or 144 fibers and the 2RU size enclosure supports 24 Mini Cassette slots or 288 fibers.
Each slot in the enclosure is used to accommodate a Mini Cassette module.

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HD 1U 144-Fibers Cassette Patch Panel

Ultra high fiber density, compact modular design, and easy installation

♦ Up to 12 slots supporting 144 fibers in 1RU of rack space or up to 24 slots supporting 288 fibers in 2RU of rack space

♦ Customizable module polarity and modular system management using Mini Cassettes provides easy reconfiguration for moves, adds, and changes

♦ Easy fiber management migration from 10G to 40/100G for Telecommunications and Broadband/CATV Networks LAN/WAN Premises


♦ Data Center Infrastructure

♦ Ultra High Density Fiber Management

♦ Telecommunications networks and Broadband / CATV networks

♦ LAN/WAN Premises


Singlemode Standard / Elite Ferrule Loss (dB) <0.7 / <0.6

Multimode Standard / Elite Ferrule Loss (dB) <0.35 / <0.35

1RU Enclosure Dimensions 1.75”x17.00”x10.50” (HxWxD)

2RU Enclosure Dimensions 3.50”x17.00”x10.50” (HxWxD)

Mini Cassette Module Dimensions 0.50”x4.00”x4.75” (HxWxD)



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